My research examines (1) how relationships with family and pets affect health and well-being, (2) how people decode others’ nonverbal displays, (3) how self-nature representations influence pro-environmental action, and (4) how nonconscious and conscious feelings and beliefs affect judgment and behavior, with this work supported over the years by National Institutes of Health (NICHD and NIMH) and National Science Foundation grants.

My service includes Editor in Chief of Social Psychological and Personality Science, Associate Editor of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and President of the Midwestern Psychological Association and the Society of Experimental Social Psychology.

My recognitions include being named University Distinguished Professor, the James and Beth Lewis Professor, University Distinguished Scholar, and Professor of the Year in Psychology. I teach courses in social psychology, psychology of conservation, attitudes, social psychology of joy, the self, judgment and decision making, and intergroup relations at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Finally, my expertise has been applied to environmental conservation, to consumer and medical behavior, to trial and jury consulting, and my research has been presented in many legal venues including in briefs argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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