Social Cognition Preconference 2013

Sponsored by the International Social Cognition Network (ISCON)

Thursday 17 January 2013
Talks begin at 9 a.m. (breakfast at 8 a.m.) and conclude at 4:30 p.m.
Room 219 of the Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA

Conference organizer is Allen McConnell, Department of Psychology, Miami University


Conference details and registration:

We are excited about this year's social cognition preconference, being held in Room 219 Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to recognizing the Best Paper of the Year in Social Cognition and the Early Career Award in Social Cognition recipients, this year's conference will feature talks focusing on two important themes in the field: recent advances in self-regulation, and recent advances in fast social perception and judgment (featuring our keynote address by Nalini Ambady, Stanford Univ.).

To register for the conference, please complete a registration form and bring it to the conference to register (if you haven't already). For registrants from the United States, please send a check or money order for $50 (U.S. funds) made out to Allen McConnell. Registrants from outside the United States may pay the registration fee at the conference site (again, in U.S. funds). The deadline for in-advance registrations was December 28, 2012 (from this point forward, registrations must take place on-site the day of the preconference). The registration fee provides for the continental breakfast, break refreshments and snacks, and equipment expenses. In order to keep the registration fee affordable, lunch is not provided (though numerous restaurants are available near the convention center).

Checks and completed registration forms should be mailed to: 

Allen McConnell
Social Cognition Preconference
Department of Psychology
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056 USA

For more information, please email Allen McConnell

This year's conference schedule:


Continental Breakfast -- 8-9 a.m.


Recent Advances in Self-Regulation -- 9-10:30 a.m.

"Vicarious goal satiation: Beyond the phenomenon"
Kathleen C. McCulloch, Lancaster Univ.

"On the role of subjective construal in self-control"
Kentaro Fujita, The Ohio State Univ.

"Reconceptualizing ego-depletion: A strategic effort-allocation model of active self-regulation"
Daniel C. Molden & Chin Ming Hui, Northwestern Univ.


Coffee, Snacks, and Refreshments -- 10:30-11 a.m.


Awards Session -- 11 a.m. - 12 noon

ISCON Early Career Award Winner
Wilhelm Hofmann, Univ. of Chicago, "Executive functions and self-regulation"

ISCON Best Paper in Social Cognition Award
"The situated inference model of priming: An integrative account of construal, behavior, and goal priming"
Chris Loersch, Univ. of Colorado, & B. Keith Payne, Univ. of North Carolina


Lunch Break -- 12 noon - 2 p.m.


Recent Advances in Fast Social Perception -- 2-4:30 p.m.

"The role of normative and idiographic facial cues in impression formation"
Vivian Zayas
, Gül Günaydin Emre Selcuk, Cindy Hazan, Cornell Univ.

"From statistical learning to social perception of faces"
Alexander Todorov, Princeton Univ., Ron Dotsch, Radboud Univ., the Netherlands, & Ran Hassin, Hebrew Univ.

Coffee, Snacks, and Refreshments

Keynote Address
"Person Perception: Accuracy, Bias, and Contagion"
Nalini Ambady, Stanford Univ.,
with Nicholas Rule, Univ. of Toronto & Max Weisbuch, Univ. of Denver



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